Step Back in IT Time With Windows 95 in a Browser

By Gary Cutlack on at

A programming student has created a fun toy for people who want their computers of today to be like their computers of yesterday, somehow encouraging a full version of Windows 95 to work through a browser tab.

The browser based version of Microsoft's beloved old OS is fully functional, apparently, thanks to the magic of C++ emulator and compiler Emscripten and DOSBox, which, through technical magic we'd look stupid trying to explain, is remotely hosted and output as JavaScript any web browser can display.

It's the work of programming student Andrea Faulds, who's been plugging away at it for some time. His site's coming under heavy traffic from operating systems enthusiasts and bored people just seeing if it really works, so appears to be inaccessible at the moment. Bookmark it and try it tomorrow, when the world's moved on to something else quirky and distracting. [Win96 via TNW]

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