Swinging an iPhone Around Your Head Produces Stunningly Unique Footage of a Ski Run

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Drones and GoPros have been responsible for some of the most amazing footage of extreme sports over the past few years. But Nicolas Vuignier has come up with a brilliantly simple way to use his iPhone to capture some truly remarkable footage of him skiing down a snow-covered mountain.

Vuignier plans to release a follow-up making-of video revealing exactly how his setup works, but from wathing the video captured by his “Centriphone,” we can safely assume that it’s probably nothing more than an iPhone on the end of a long rope that he swings around his head. Centrifuge, Centriphone, get it?

Presumably Vuignier’s creation is a little more elegant than how we’ve described it, obviously he developed a mount that ensures the iPhone’s camera is always pointing in his direction, and that the phone stays securely attached. No matter how it works, there’s no denying it produces some fantastic footage.

[YouTube via Twitter - David Smith]