TalkTalk Loses 100,000 Callers After Hacking Scandal

By Gary Cutlack on at

Phone operator TalkTalk has released its latest set of financial figures, in which it makes frequent reference to the "cyber attack" that saw masses of subscriber data made public. It estimates that around 95,000 people dropped their contracts due to the hack, with overall subscriber numbers falling by 101,000.

That said, the way it reacted to the hack is thought to have increased the trust metric, with "improved trust in the brand" one of the good things to emerge from the way it made headline news earlier this year. TalkTalk estimates the final result of the hack will be a trading impact of £15m, accompanied by exceptional costs of £40m-£45m triggered from the investigations and freebies it handed out to encourage customers to not sulk off to Three or EE.

Dido Harding, the company's CEO, said: "It is encouraging to see the business returning to normal after a challenging quarter that was dominated by the cyber attack.  Our customers have responded well, with almost half a million customers choosing to take up our unconditional offer of a free upgrade." [TalkTalk via Engadget]

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