Terabit-Capacity Satellites Will Bring Space-Borne Internet Up to Speed

By Chris Mills on at

Satellite internet is a viable solution for anyone living out in the sticks, provided you don’t mind slow speeds and awful ping. ViaSat’s latest class of satellites hopes to solve the speed problem, thanks to satellites with more capacity than all the existing solutions combined.

ViaSat-3, the third part in the exciting ViaSat-1 and -2 trilogy, plans to make internet usably fast for anyone relying on satellites — mostly rural customers, offshore oil platforms, and yes, aeroplane passengers.

The ViaSat-3 system will use three satellites, built by ViaSat and Boeing, to connect customers to the internet over Ku-band waves. Each of the three satellites will have a terabit (1,000Gbps) of throughput, which should mean speeds of 100Mbps for customers on the ground.

ViaSat already serves hundreds of thousands of customers, including some airlines. Terabit-capacity satellites would be a huge improvement from the current status quo, however, since its current satellites have a total throughput of 140Gbps. [ViaSat]