The Best Bits You Need for the Perfect Super Bowl Party

By Tom Pritchard on at

Sunday night is Super Bowl night, easily one of the biggest events on the American sporting calendar. It's also the only time us Brits will even bother pretending we like American Rugby Football, but only because it's a perfect excuse to get drunk and watch people run into each other.

Yes that's right, the Super Bowl night is fast becoming a thing in some British circles. With that in mind, we here at Giz UK want to make sure you have everything you need to have a great night.

A way to watch the game, Free-£7

Image: Daniel Spless via Flickr

Our good friends over at Lifehacker UK have a guide to watching the game in the UK, and you'll be glad to know you don't have to rely on rubbish-quality online streams. You can watch live on BBC 2 (from 22.50), Sky Sports 1 and 3 (starts 22.00), or watch the action online for free using BBC iPlayer or Sky Go. If you fancy some Sky commentary but aren't an existing customer, you can also opt to pay £7 for a 24-hour Sky Sports Pass from Now TV. The game itself starts at 23.30 GMT on Sunday night.

Budweiser, £10

Any sports party needs booze, but seeing as this is an American sport you probably shouldn't go for fancy ales, cider, or any other boozey drinks us Brits enjoy. Instead go for the beer, specifically American beer. A good choice would be these bottles of Budweiser, and you get 15 for the low price of £10. If you fancy something else, you could always go for the likes of Coors. [Buy it here]

HQY Magnetic Automatic Bottle Opener, £8

You need an easy way to get your beers open, but you don't want to the bottle caps to end up on the floor and scratch the place up. So invest in this. Not only is incredibly simple to use (just pop it on top of the bottle), it's magnetic, so those loose caps aren't going to end up all over the place. [Buy it here]

Russell Hobbs 45 Litre Fridge, £95

You've got people coming round, you've got booze, you need a way to keep those drinks cold. You could clear out space in your normal fridge, but who has the time or the space to shift stuff around? Instead, just grab yourself this - a fridge perfectly designed for keeping bottles and cans frosty and cool. [Buy it here]


No party is complete without food, so make sure you have enough to keep you and your guests satisfied throughout the entire night. Snacks being snacks, there are a lot to choose from and what you pick all depends on what you want. You can could nice and simple with this 42-pack of Walkers snacks, go for the traditional multi-pack box of crisps, popcornPringles, or opt to order in some imported American stuff. Oh, and don't forget the salsa.

Panasonic 40-inch 4K TV, £378

You can't invite people over and then expect them to watch a tiny TV with rubbish resolution can you? Of course not. Which is why it's never a bad idea to buy a nice big 4K TV to watch stuff on. This one from Panasonic is relatively reasonably priced, and should be plenty big enough for everyone to enjoy watching grown men run into each other. [Buy it here]

Fold-out Camping Chairs, from £9

I have no doubt that every family had a stash of 'emergency chairs' that only ever saw the light of day when you had company. It's a sensible thing to have, naturally. If you've got a lot of people coming over, you probably need somewhere for them all to sit while the action is happening. If you think you might run out of sofa space, invest in some of these. They're comfortable enough to sit on, and they fold away for all the times you don't need them. [Buy it here]

1KG of Chicken Wings, £4.50

No sports event is complete without meat, and chicken wings are one of the things everyone can enjoy. Everyone loves chicken, after all. Grill them, fry them, bake them, it doesn't matter. You're all going to sit down and enjoy some lovely greasy food while you watch the game. Just don't forget the marinade, the BBQ sauce, or the paper plates. [Buy it here]

Wilson American Football, £8.49

Since the Super Bowl starts at half 11, your friends are probably going to turn up at your party fairly early and will need something to do. Why not send them off to play outside with an actual American football? It'll keep people occupied, and is in keeping with the spirit of the event. [Buy it here]

10 Heavy Duty Bin Bags, £7

With sports, booze, and food involved, you're bound to make an awful lot of mess. So make sure you're prepared with these heavy duty bin bags that should make it slightly easier to get rid of all your rubbish. These are transparent, too, so you can put your recycling into them. [Buy it here]

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