The LG G5 May be the World's First Proper Modular Smartphone

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

While you may have heard about the upcoming G5’s apparent ‘Magic Slot’, details about what it actually does have been fairly scant so far. ‘Swapping out batteries and other stuff’ is all we’ve been able to come up with. Until now.

Fresh reports have emerged, claiming that the bottom-mounted orifice will allow users to attach a range of accessories to the handset, including a pair of modular add-ons related to photography and audio, as well as a VR camera and a smartphone-controlled robot that sounds suspiciously like the BB-8 Droid. Because there's nothing like a Star Wars reference to get tech-lovers excited.

The rumoured photography module looks like an ugly lump of a thing, and is said to be called the LG Cam Plus. It will apparently include a 1,100mAh battery and physical buttons for zoom, flash and other camera functions. The audio accessory thing -- the LG Hi-Fi Plus to those in the know -- is supposed to have been made in partnership with Bang & Olufsen, and enhances sound quality by adding a DAC.

The modular ecosystem will reportedly be called ‘G5 and Friends’. Hopefully they end up working in perfect harmony, and don't just argue all the time and try to bring each other down. [VentureBeat, AndroidAuthority]