The London Property Prices Tube Map Will Have You Burning Your Bank Statement

By Gary Cutlack on at

A map of London house price differentials has been assembled by property experts, showing potential buyers -- if anyone can afford anything any more -- how house prices vary from tube stop to tube stop.

It shows the bizarre hyper-local fluctuations of London's variable streets and housing stock, highlighting how just one extra stop can save or cost you more. Thousands more. Hundreds of thousands more. South Wimbledon to Morden is one such financial chasm, with just one tube stop between an average house price of £643,000 and £373,000. You could buy the one in Morden and have enough left over to pay for a travel card and a coffee every morning, and bribe someone £10 for their seat for eternity.

Here's the full map:


It doesn't always work that it's cheaper the further out you go, mind. End of the line Amersham is pricier than the vastly nearer the middle Harrow, with houses in Chorleywood fetching nearly twice that of places near Wembley. It's almost as if as people get richer and older they start to value trees, somewhere to park the Audi and a bin all of their own. [Independent]

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