'The Revenant' Leaker Faces Three Years in Prison for Copyright Infringement

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A chap who copied The Revenant to a USB drive and posted it online has been arrested by the FBI and now faces a prison sentence. William Kyle Morarity seized his chance to do something naughty when he gained access to a disc copy of the movie at his workplace either on or before December the 16th, before making the blockbuster available online “on or about December 17 and 19”. It came out in the US on December 25th.

He uploaded the DiCaprio movie to Pass the Popcorn, under the username ‘clutchit’, but foolishly linked the account to his real name.

It’s being reported that Fox reckons illegal copies of The Revenant cost the company $1.12 million, so Morarity could be in some fairly deep trouble. He’s agreed to plead guilty to copyright infringement when he faces the music next month, and could be hit with a maximum penalty of three years behind bars. [Neowin]