This Analogue Mechanical Keyboard Is For Gamers Who Want Complete Control

By Darren Orf on at

There are two types of keyboards—analogue and digital. Analogue is mostly found in musical instruments, where the weight placed on a key often defines amplitude. Digital ones are the keys most often found packed away in your laptop and are either on or off. There’s no middle ground. But Wooting’s analogue keyboard wants to be the best of both worlds.

Where console games get the added benefit of an analogue stick, making it easier to creep around in Assassin’s Creed or whatever, traditional WASD keyboards don’t offer up that level of control.

Despite that brief clip playing out like a bad late-night infomercial, analogue keyboard for playing games makes an incredible amount of sense. Instead of simple on-off command, Wooting is able to fill in a gradation of commands like tip-toeing behind an enemy in Dishonored or putting petal to metal in any racing game you want. The unit itself is tenkeyless, meaning it won’t have numerical keys on the right like some professional gaming keyboards. The keys, of course, are bulky in order to fit in the necessary analogue switch. It will also be fully RGB backlit.

Despite the new trailer, there’s still no word yet on pricing or availability.