This is What Bristol Wankers Search For on Pornhub

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Bristol’s a cool place, with hip people and expressive art and a huge theatre scene and cyclists galore and that big bridge that looks a bit like a harp. Bristolians’ porn habits, while every bit as alternative as the people themselves, are pretty damn strange.

The presence of ‘fart’, ‘giantess’ and ‘ssbbw’ (super-size big beautiful women) cements the city’s position as the UK’s hipster capital of porn. ‘Yoga’ and ‘smoking’ are also so hot right now -- actually, smoking’s always been cool -- so they’re naturally up there too, with a nice squirt of bondage on the side.

The average Pornhub user from Bristol is a 35-year-old man called Wolfgang (made that last bit up), with 58 per cent of the city’s fappers under the age of 34, and 22 per cent female.

With Bristol being hipster central, it comes as no surprise that locals are shunning tablets in favour of booting up their hard drives on the trusty old desktop. Down there, it’s probably called a vintage bash. However, the smartphone still rules supreme, with 53 per cent of Pornhub’s Bristol traffic coming from mobiles. [Pornhub]