This is What Glasgow Wankers Search For on Pornhub

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Glasgow’s porn-viewing habits are potentially our favourite porn-viewing habits. The UK’s third-largest city has a fierce sense of pride, which is reflected in the graphic below. And then some. Goodness knows what the average Glaswegian's Christmas list looks like.

It’s impossible to ignore just how intensely-Scottish the lists are, with ‘Stirling’ even making the cut. Who the fuck searches for that on Pornhub? ‘Homemade Scottish’ and ‘Dundee’ feature on the list too, conjuring images of a family meal and breathtaking views, rather than a bit of grunting in the back of a poorly-lit van. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Glaswegians like a bit of rough too, though there’s also a strong demand for female-friendly material.

23 per cent of the city’s Pornhub frequenters are female, and 62 per cent are below the age of 34. While 55 per cent choose to pull the handbrake in front of a smartphone screen, 27 per cent go down the traditional desktop route, while 18 per cent risk getting the gloopy stuff on their tablets. [Pornhub]