This Peter Rabbit 50p is One of Four Beatrix Potter-Themed Coins to Land This Year

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

The Royal Mint is set to create the ultimate in pocket money swag, having unveiled plans to release a limited number of 50p pieces adorned with a mugshot of notorious fictional criminal Peter Rabbit later this year. The UK’s money maker is marking the 150th anniversary of author Beatrix Potter’s birth, and will take advantage of an increasingly-childish nation to gain some excellent press in the process.

However, it‘s not all about Potter’s most famous creation. Three more of her characters will be immortalised on special edition coins this year -- I’m holding out for Mrs Tittlemouse -- and we'll all inevitably get sucked into a race to complete the set first. The coins won't all be quite as striking as the one in the image above, as many of the new pieces will remain uncoloured, though you could always do the job yourself with crayons and paints.

The Peter Rabbit design was created by Emma Noble, who said, "I wanted to put Beatrix Potter's illustrations to the forefront of my design as they are lovely images and the characters are very well known. I felt they were strong enough to stand alone and I designed them in this way as I thought they would work best for both the coloured commemorative and uncoloured circulating coins." [Independent]