Tile Bluetooth Tracking Tags Finally Hit the UK, Keys Never Lost Again

By Gerald Lynch on at

Keys down the back of a sofa? Car lost in a mammoth car park? Tracking them down would be a cinch with the Tile Bluetooth tracking tags which, after debuting in the US way back in 2013, finally make their way to the UK this week.

Both Firebox and Amazon are selling the tags for around £20, with a four-pack option going for £50.

For the absent-minded, Tile could be incredibly useful. Connecting to your Android device or iPhone over Bluetooth, it allows you to track the last known location of whatever the tags are attached to. Though Bluetooth's range is limited by its very nature, Tile has a neat trick – should another Tile user pass by your lost property, it'll update the location of your tag even if you're out of range, viewable through the connected app.

It works the other way round too, should you lose your phone – so long as you have a tag to hand, you can push a button on the Tile to cause your linked mobile device to beep, letting you track it down in your labyrinthine flat.

The delay in UK release may be as result of bigger plans from the company. According to The Next Web, Tile has plans for a whole load of devices that already have the tracking tags built in, connected over what sounds like a "Tile OS", its very own Internet of Things platform. With the mobile tech showcase MWC just over the horizon, expect to hear more on this before the end of the month.