Twitter Says It's Shut Down 125,000 Terrorist Accounts Since May

By Bryan Lufkin on at

Terrorist groups like ISIS use social media to rally support around the world, using sites like Twitter to mobilise sympathisers into possible plots. But in a blog post today, Twitter says that kind of behaviour flagrantly violates its terms of service, and reports that it’s suspended tens of thousands pro-ISIS accounts since May.

“We have increased the size of the teams that review reports, reducing our response time significantly,” the company states. “We also look into other accounts similar to those reported and leverage proprietary spam-fighting tools to surface other potentially violating accounts for review by our agents.”

Twitter reminds us there’s no “magic algorithm” to completely halting extremist activity online, and it often involves making judgment calls based on very little information. The responsibility that falls on social media tech companies, however, is undeniable.

[Twitter via CNBC]

Image: AP file