Twitter Wants to Show You Adverts As Soon as You Open Twitter

By Gerald Lynch on at

I hope you like ads in your Twitter feed, because they're about to become a whole lot more obnoxious. Twitter has today announced a new feature for marketers called First View. In a nutshell, it'll ensure that the first thing you see, every time you open the Twitter app, will be an advert.

That's because First View gives advertisers the option to purchase a chunk of space that sits on the first screen of your feed, before you start scrolling through to see the stuff you'd actually want to view from your followers below. Marketers will be able to buy the slot for 24 hours, with the option to include video content too. It's already got the backing of some big brands, including 20th Century Fox, who will be using it to promote the new Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates film, which sounds like it'll need all the help it can get to get bums on seats.

You can see Twitter First View in action below.

The timing of the launch is telling – tomorrow, Wednesday 10th February, Twitter is due to reveal its Q4 and full year earnings, during the same week that its stock fell below $15 per share for the first time. Its investors have long been anxious that user numbers have stalled and that its ad business isn't growing fast enough, so the launch is likely a small token to appease those holding the chequebooks.

For now, there's a reprieve for UK Twitter users: the company aims to roll out First View gradually, hitting the US first before going global. So make the most of your scrolling-free, instant glimpse of 140-character snark and cat gifs while you still can. [Twitter]

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