Tyco Is Back With the First RC Toy That Can Climb Stairs

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Children of the ‘80s will remember Tyco as the definitive brand when it came to affordable remote control toys. After changing hands a few times, the company was eventually bought by Mattel who is officially relaunching the Tyco brand with the new Terra Climber; the first RC toy that can climb stairs.

Every kid knows that, like the Hatfields and the McCoys, RC toys and stairs are mortal enemies. But not to the Terra Climber, which rolls around on four spinning wheels covered in plastic claws that are mounted to a pair of articulated arms that can independently spin 360-degrees.


Tyco Is Back With the First RC Toy That Can Climb Stairs

It sounds complicated, but coupled with a long tail that serves as a counterweight, the Tyco Terra Climber’s unique drivetrain allows it to skitter across flat surfaces, but just as easily tackle a flight of stairs or other uneven rough terrain. And it’s designed to survive a tumble, so if it does happen to lose its footing on a step and fall, when it hits the bottom it will be ready to start climbing all over again.


Tyco Is Back With the First RC Toy That Can Climb Stairs

Its included wireless controller is also incredibly easy to use, with just two throttle rockers that individually power its left and right sets of arms and wheels.

The Tyco Terra Climber will be available sometime in the autumn for $100/£70, and will come with a 9.6-volt rechargeable battery so you don’t need to keep swapping in a fresh set of AAs every few hours. You will, however, need plenty of patience while you’re waiting for it recharge again and again.