UK Businesses Slam "Mediocre" Broadband Plans

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Institute of Directors has had a meeting in a plush man's club, quaffing some brandies, smoking a few cigars and putting together a list of reasons why the UK's broadband isn't fit for purpose.

The Ultrafast Britain report by the IoD says we're languishing in a pit of speedtest despair despite what Ofcom and BT and the few Virgin Media urban fibre enclaves might claim, with the report going so far as to suggest we should be aiming for connection speeds of around 10 gigabits, saying: "...politicians should be aiming to future-proof the UK’s digital infrastructure against the massive data demands of future consumers and business."

Bemoaning the fact that London sits "just above Minsk" at 26th in the list of average internet speeds in global capitals the report's extremely negative about the UK's digital future, adding that: "Even aggregated across the UK, the UK does not seem well placed for winning the global race, ranking 23rd for download speed. Even this may be only a temporarily high ranking; developing countries are investing in new technologies which could well see them leapfrog the UK."

Report author Dan Lewis said we need to rip up pavements and culverts across the nation, saying: "We expect them [the government] to meet the Universal Service Obligation of 10 mbps by 2020, but only because they’ve set themselves such a low bar. Instead of spending money two or three times over on incremental upgrades to the historic copper network, politicians need to look ahead at how we are going to provide the physical infrastructure needed to maintain Britain’s position at the forefront of digital innovation in business." [Ultrafast Britain [PDF] via BBC]

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