US Athletes Told to Opt Out of Rio Olympics if Worried About Zika Threat

By Gary Cutlack on at

US athletes have been told by their governing bodies that it's OK for them to opt out of attending the Rio Olympics this summer due to the Zika virus threat, with anyone who's concerned for their health given the go-ahead to stay home and watch it all on the telly instead. After all, it's all in HD nowadays. It's just like being there.

The United States Olympic Committee has apparently told its many sporting organisations that their members shouldn't feel obliged to attend Rio 2016 if they're worried about the exploding Zika horror that's emerging in South America, with the separate sporting federations told by the USOC that no one should attend Rio "...if they don't feel comfortable going. Bottom line."

Of course, not bothering to go to the bloody Olympics is quite a huge decision for an athlete to take, seeing as the Olympics it what life's about for pro sporters. That's like you or I not bothering with Easter or Pancake Day. Miss out on your chance of sporting immortality for the sake of one spin of the roulette wheel of fate? [Reuters]

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