Watch Shia LaBeouf Talking Shit in a University of Oxford Lift LIVE

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It’s got nothing on ‘Touch My Soul’, but Shia LaBeouf’s latest project involves him standing in a University of Oxford lift with two of his mind-numbingly pretentious creative mates in the name of ART. He’s been there since 9am this morning, and there he will remain for 24 hours (though he’ll leave at some point this evening to give a talk and have sex and do a poo).

LaBeouf was spouting something about narcissism when I tuned in, and it was the best part of my day. Students are obviously being encouraged to join the party, but will be expected to give a "performance of monologues" in the mighty LaBeouf's presence. Anyone who fails to do so will be thrown down the shaft. Oh, and join the online debate using the hashtag #ELEVATE (caps necessary). [Mashable]