Watch Smaller RC Planes Zip Right Through This Massive Flying Hoop

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The YouTubers at Flite Test, the same folks responsible for that 15-foot long flying Star Destroyer, are back with a new unorthodox airborne creation that provides a unique challenge for other RC pilots as well.

The self-explanatory Super Circle Plane features a massive curved wing that forms a giant enclosed loop. Getting the unique design to actually fly was a big challenge, requiring a few revisions before it could soar through the air with some manner of stability. But once it took to the skies, the Super Circle Plane provided an additional challenge for other RC pilots who were encouraged to test their skills by flying their own aircraft right through the giant loop.

While challenging, the feat was far from impossible as countless pilots were able to guide their own RC planes through the loop with varying degrees of success. Eventually, three unfortunate mid-air crashes later, the Super Circle Plane’s wing finally broke apart, sending the craft crashing to the ground. But overall its first and only flight was a huge success.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]