We Hope the Sugary, Slime-Green Ghostbusters Drink Comes to the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

Film merchandising is now such big business that selling things to kids seems to be the top consideration when it comes to Hollywood green-lighting decisions, so it's no surprise that the forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot is about to be toy and food merchandised to death.

Enter the Hi-C Ecto Cooler, a green drink supposedly made from the juices of delicious ghosts, which is probably better for you than the usual sugar and/or aspartame. The drink was originally launched in the US to promote TV tie-in The Real Ghostbusters, before being discontinued in 1997. Now, like the film and enthusiasm for ghosts, it's back, with the US-maker apparently handing out a few promotional cans before a wider release.

A flash on the promo can -- found for sale on eBay -- says "only in theaters" atop the can, meaning it's likely to be a promotional item only, sold at vast markup within the halls of entertainment across the world. We hope it comes to the UK. Although given the current debate around sugary drinks killing the next generation of taxpayers, it might struggle to get customs clearance. [Mashable]

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