Who on Earth is David Hockney?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tate Britain has announced a plan to stage its largest and most complete retrospective of David Hockney's  work in 2017, with works old and new filling the gallery next year, from his 1961 student work right through to things he's still working on today.

He's Not One Of Those Dead Italian Ones?

No, Hockney's still alive, so much so that he famously "went digital" recently, and started producing hyper-colourful work on an iPad using the freely available Brushes app. He's also not Italian, seeing as he's from Bradford, went to the Bradford School of Art and ended up spearheading the UK's Pop Art movement of the 1960s, when he wore ace glasses and had interesting hair.

What's He Done? 

He's had a fair few phases. When he was young he was known for his series of American swimming pools, but now he's older and a bit calmer he spent much of the last few years focusing almost exclusively on bits of country lane in Yorkshire, capturing the changes of colour and light as the seasons come and go, as old people tend to like talking about the weather.

Recently he's gone back to LA and returned to portraits, painting family, friends and staff.


And he's not just a painter. He also assembles digital collages like the one above, images he's described as being "3D photographs without the glasses."

When's It All Happening? 

From February 9, 2017, and it will be a must-see for fans, as the Tate promises it'll have some of the man's most recent works-- some of which have not yet been seen in public.

Did Someone Say Something About It?

Alex Farquharson, director of Tate Britain, said: "David Hockney is without a doubt one of Britain's greatest living artists. His practice is both consistent, in its pursuit of core concerns, while also wonderfully diverse. Hockney's impact on post-war art, and culture more generally, is inestimable, and this is a fantastic opportunity to see the full trajectory of his career to date."

Surely There's Already Loads Of His Paintings Around The UK? 

The Royal Academy is gazumping the Tate this summer, with an exhibition called 79 Portraits and 2 Still Lifes opening in July. We suspect you'll be able to see some of his portraits and still lifes there. [It's Nice That]

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