Woodworker Crafts Astonishing Replica Model Of The Original USS Enterprise

By Gizmodo Australia on at

The acting on Star Trek may have been a wooden at times, but the USS Enterprise itself wasn’t. Until now, that is. One, uh, enterprising woodworker decided to create a rendition of the starship and boy, is it something special.

An outfit by the name of Kretschmer Kreativ recently posted photos of its stunning creation over on Instructables, though the images are also available on the company’s website.

Constructed over a three-year period between 2011-2013, the 3.35m-long ship is made almost entirely from wood, including hard maple and black walnut. The natural colour of the materials means there was minimal alteration to make the nacelles or deflector dish stand out from the rest of the ship.

The design itself is based on set director Matt Jefferies’ schematics (after which the infamous Jefferies’ tubes are named).

If you want to try and build this yourself (!), the steps are available over on Instructables.

[Kretschmer Kreativ, via Instructables]

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