Xbox One Kinect Finds New Life as Educational Gaming Toy for Orangutans

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have found a way to use one discarded Xbox One Kinect sensor, with a team bringing joy to a group of captive orangutans by creating them their very own "interactive digital space."

According to the University of Melbourne, the orangutans are mad for their new gaming rig, which comes with such features as letting them roll around in light to turn up the lights in the enclosure. Don't be too quick to judge, they've only just started gaming.

The first human/orangutan multiplayer experience is known as Zap. The game encourages inter-species play by projecting a shape on the wall or floor, a shape that explodes with light should human player and orangutan touch the blob at the same time. The projection is a handy way of getting around the fact that they love using tablets, but are a bit too rough to be trusted with actual hardware.

"If the trial is successful, within a few years the orang-utans could be playing computer games with visitors whenever they want," the team says, as if boosting your Street Fighter V win ratio by hammering an orangutan might be a reason to visit a zoo in the future. [University of Melbourne via Mashable]

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