You Can Now Buy Sky Q: £42 a Month, £99 One-Off Fee

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sky Q, Sky's brand new premium 4K multi-room satellite TV package, goes on sale as of today, February 9th. Sitting above Sky+ HD in the company's subscription tiers, prices start at £42 a month, on top of a one-off £99 set-up fee.

It's a feature-packed new service, and one of the most comprehensive TV options out there going by our early hands-on session. And though it's pricey (as are all of Sky's packages), it's actually only a modest extra outlay for existing Sky customers, who can expect to pay a premium of around £12 a month on top of their current charges, should they be looking to upgrade.

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A number of different bundles will be available, with the more TV packages and broadband deals you sign up to with Sky driving down the cost of the hardware.

Grab Sky Broadband, Sky Movies or Sky Sports with the £42 a month package, and the Sky Q box will cost you just £99, with the top spec'd Sky Q Silver set-top box costing £149. Drop Broadband, Sports and Movies and the boxes rise to £249 and £299 respectively. So it's worth having a look at which services will offer the best bang for your buck. Existing customers can take advantage of cheaper set-up costs, with just a £50 installation fee required of loyal Sky viewers.

So, you've already discussed the price, and read our early impressions. Now the ball's in your court. Hands up: who's buying a Sky Q package?