You Probably Shouldn't Weaponise a Nerf Blaster With Scalpel Blades Like This Guy Did

By Gizmodo on at

As much as we’d love for slingshot-designer Joerg Sprave to travel the world on a publicity tour, it’s creations like this—a Nerf blaster made lethal using razor-sharp scalpel blades—that will probably result in him being barred entry to the country.

In addition to his countless original creations, Joerg has a long track record of turning seemingly innocuous objects into frighteningly dangerous improvised weapons. And while out of the box this Nerf blaster is safe for kids, it doesn’t take long for Sprave to turn it into something that even adults probably shouldn’t be playing with.

Do we even have to say you probably shouldn’t try this at home? It’s not even something that should be attempted by a professional, only a mad scientist of slingshot engineering.