YouTube Takes on Netflix With its Own Original Shows. They Look Shit.

By Gary Cutlack on at

The rather under-the-radar YouTube Red service has revealed its first batch of proper, self-funded television output, as Google's subscription service's bizarre YouTuber films are revealed.

Girls of a certain age and persuasion will be excited about the forthcoming feature Scare PewDiePie, a reality TV series starring the gaming world's biggest reaction-having, box-opening, game-reviewing man. You get the chance to see the star "put in real life games," having all those amazing reactions the internet loves so much.

I'd rather smash this cup on my desk and rip my eyes out with the broken handle than watch a man pretend to react to a scripted event he knows is about to happen because he wrote it, but some of you might like this kind of drivel, so here it is:

And if you like THAT kind of drivel, there's way more to come from YouTube Red. This utter nightmare is called A Trip to Unicorn Island and seems to be about an internet-famous person who had a holiday, was too loud all the time and filmed it:

A little more traditional is Lazer Team, which is more like an actual film. It's described as a "YouTube Red Original Movie" despite the fact that it was successfully crowdfunded via Indiegogo a couple of years ago. There's also one called Dance Camp, which I clicked on, watched two seconds of, then closed it while shouting obscenities and thrashing my mouse about, so can't say anything about it.

Maybe I'm too old for it all. Maybe Google will make trillions of dollars from children signing up to YouTube Red using their parents' credit cards to watch this tat and everything will be fine. Maybe it's the future. But it doesn't look like the future, it looks like a series of big budget school plays. [YouTube via Techradar]