ZTE Spro Plus Combines Being a Tablet With Being a Projector

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of ZTE's slight less well hinged Mobile World Congress announcements is this, the ZTE Spro Plus. As if the name wasn't worthy of mockery alone, it's also a particularly bizarre hybrid of technology that combines a wall projector with an Android-powered tablet.

Thus the Spro Plus has an 8.4-inch 2K AMOLED screen on it, plus a comical sounding 12100 mAH battery that should see it ideally suited to guerrilla art installations where the political meme of the day is projected onto a wall. The projector is a 500-lumen model, which ZTE says is great because it somehow uses laser to project the picture rather than LED -- resulting in a bright 80-inch image being beamed onto a wall 2.4m away.

Given it's a lump, there's no camera on it. But there sort of also is, because ZTE's bundling it with an external USB camera, so it can be used to Skype people and project their unknowing faces on the wall as you chat. If combining two things you might half want into one thing sounds like a good proposition, ZTE says the Spro is launching globally this summer. [ZTE via Engadget]

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