8/10 Don't Bother Claiming Train Ticket Refunds Due to Rail Company Confusion

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's rail companies need to do a better job of explaining how tunnel-stuck passengers can claim their refunds, to help turn around stats that say only 20 per cent of people entitled to train disruption refunds actually bother to put in a claim.

The demand for greater clarity comes from the Office of Rail and Road, the rail regulator with responsibility for enforcing ticketing rules. The ORR says there needs to be a "co-ordinated, national promotional campaign by the train companies" to point out when and how people qualify for refunds due to leaves, vandalism and regional suicides, plus there needs to be more consistency in procedures and clarity of information offered across our many rail franchises.

ORR Chief Executive Joanna Whittington said: " We want all passengers to be able to claim the compensation they are entitled to. The information they receive needs to be better and the process must be clearer and simpler. Today, we have made a number of recommendations to help achieve improvements straight away. This is just the first step, and we will be carrying out further research and analysis and introducing a strong monitoring regime to make sure that the industry is delivering for passengers." [Office of Rail and Road via Guardian]

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