A Warm-Blooded Sculptor Built an Entire Band's Instruments Out of Ice

By Bryan Menegus on at

Tim Linhart started off as an ice sculptor. Well, he’s still an ice sculptor, but now the crazy dude supplies a small orchestra with working music instruments made out of frozen water.

The journey to founding Ice Music started with a fluke, when Linhart carved an upright bass out of ice and was surprised to find that it sounded good. Now Ice Music holds regular winter concerts inside of a specially designed igloo in Sweden with instruments ranging from a violin and guitar to xylophones and the aforementioned bass. The instruments require constant maintenance from Linhart, since even in cooler temperatures a musician’s body heat will cause troublesome melting.

This video is third in a series called Break The Cubicle, which has also profiled a metal sculptor and a guy who makes beautiful mud balls (it’s cooler than it sounds).