AI 1 - 0 Human: Google's DeepMind Creation Beats Go World Champion

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

So it begins. Google’s DeepMind AI program AlphaGo is playing human champ Lee Sedol in a best-of-five game of Go -- and winning. Their first match took place in South Korea this week, and The System took the spoils.

This represents a major milestone for AI as, until this year, actual people who are any good at the board game have always outsmarted automated systems on the field -- board? -- of play. Going into the game, Sedol said he was aiming for a 5-0 victory. It’s safe to say things aren’t exactly going to plan for the human.

Here's what DeepMind co-founders had to say on their creation's early victory.

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook’s AI division was working on a program that could defeat a human at Go. Assuming the rest of the AlphaGo match goes to plan, Google is set to win the race. Following that, we can expect Facebook to hit back with an equally-frightening AI achievement, which would inevitably lead to all-out robot domination and the creation of human farms. [BI]