Alleged Nintendo NX Controller Images Leak, and People Aren't Impressed

By Gary Cutlack on at

Images of what is or might be the Nintendo NX controller have appeared online, with a pair of shots showing a slimline, oval, shiny thing that looks like a minimalist reworking of the Wii U control slab.

While it's lovely and curved and futuristic and looks bloody nice in the idealised coffee table scenario picture above, the shape and lack of buttons is infuriating Nintendo fans -- who've already had to invest a lot of effort in convincing people that the Wii U and its massive screen-of-power wasn't a nightmare. Here's another shot of Nintendo's possible latest hardware curveball:


Given that the Wii U was rather ruined by its baffling proposition of secondary screens and controllers that had Mr Casual not understanding what it was or how it worked or if you needed a TV for it, you'd have to think this is entirely the wrong move from Nintendo. You'd have thought a box with a controller with no more than two buttons (SHOOT/DRIVE) on it is what Nintendo should be doing, not another morphing screen concoction that'll challenge developers to, once again, come up with new ways of playing games to please the whims of Nintendo's designers.

Of course, it might all be a fake. We may get a plastic rectangle with ABC/XYZ and Start buttons yet. [Reddit via Stuff]

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