An AI Donald Trump-Bot is Indiscernible From the Real Thing

By Gary Cutlack on at

One researcher at the MIT hotbed of exciting new computery things has assembled an AI version of Donald Trump and released it on the internet, where it's happily spouting things about ISIS and extremely hedged world opinions that sort of hint that it knows critical things politicians need to know like where China is and whose side he's supposed to be on in Syria.

They call it DeepDrumpf and it's on Twitter here. Such believable Trump-isms automatically generated so far include "We will never be negotiate, look at the border with Yemen. Again I came out their deals — there we need people. Thank you very much" and the equally Trump-like and quite brilliant "I’m what ISIS doesn’t need."

The man behind the creation claims to have fed his algo with data and vocabulary from past Trump speeches and let the AI train itself to speak in the manner of the actual human Trump, with the maker saying it pieces together entirely new phrases letter by letter -- rather than simply assembling past terms he's used like [racist thing] and [place]. [DeepDrumpf via Wired]

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