Angry Kid Chops Own Finger Off in Smartphone Spite Fury

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Chinese boy in the midst of a domestic about mobile phone use came up with a quite brilliant way to stop his dad shouting at him -- chopping his own finger off in a rage of spite.

Chinese media claims the boy, called only Xiaopeng or Peng for short, was first sighed at over his phone obsession by mum, then dad stepped in and, well, here's the charming translation of the chain of events from Sohu: "At that time, Peng was holding the hands of small fork fork to eat mashed potatoes, after listening to the words of my father reprimanded, flew fried hair up, put down the fork, and turned to pick up a kitchen knife on a low table behind him, toward their cut down the left, on the spot, two index finger knuckle fell down."

Fortunately for the angry boy, doctors spent three hours sewing the finger back on again, so all being well he'll be able to start using it to rearrange gems and pay for in-game credit bundles for the rest of his life soon enough. [Sohu via Mashable]

Image credit: Sina

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