Apple Car Expected to Cost 100 Times More Than the iPhone 6S

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Whether you think it would prove a good move or not, Apple’s almost certainly working on a car. According to reports, it’ll be electric and/or autonomous, and would go up against the finest models on the market.

Piper Jafray analyst Gene Munster, who’s been following the company’s automotive moves closely, has revealed when he thinks Apple’s next big thing will launch, and how much it could cost. In an interview with Apple Car Fans (yep, the site exists) this week, he said, “There will be a car that you can see and order in 2019-2020. We don’t think it will probably be delivered until after that…maybe 2021.”

He added that the Apple Car would cost “around $75,000” -- £53,000 in real money -- which isn’t especially surprising, given that the company isn’t known for low low prices. That’s about 98 times more than the iPhone 6S, by the way, which Apple’s currently flogging for £539.

Munster, who’s based his conclusions on rumours and insider trading, also reckons Apple will stick to its current manufacturing model of designing a product and outsourcing manufacturing responsibilities to third-party companies. Worried yet, Mr Musk? [Apple Car Fans]