Barclays is Turning its Branches into 3D-Printing Hotspots

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK banking chain Barclays is trying to position itself as some sort of leading-edge digital business, by offering up some of its floor space to be used by local educators and startups.

Called Eagle Labs, the idea is to grab some mindshare and take some of the credit for the UK's "maker" and digital skills boom, with each space coming with a Lab Manager and Lab technician hanging around to help demonstrate and train users in the tech.

Barclays says it'll have two types of digital space -- one for Incubators and a MakerSpaces zone for creators -- with the MakerSpace coming equipped with 3D printers and laser cutters to fiddle with, and the Incubators zones offering a more vague concept of being a place where like-minded entrepreneurs can hang out with each other and talk about the things they talk about. House prices, probably, and what car they're going to get when it all comes off.

Two trials in Bournemouth and Cambridge have been deemed enough of a success to open more Eagle Labs, with a third planned for an empty Barclays space in Brighton; and additional spaces coming to Birmingham, Huddersfield, and perhaps as many as 20 other spots around the UK. [Barclays via Engadget]

Image credit: Twitter

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