Batman v Superman: How Was it For You?

By Gerald Lynch on at

After riding the hype train to Metropolis and back, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is finally in cinemas. Did you catch the superhero showdown over the Easter break? Of course you did – despite some scathing reviews, Zack Snyder's moody comic book rumble is on course to make a whopping $500 million at the worldwide box office.

So, as a denizen of comic-loving Giz, I'm going to guess you were among the throngs holding out hope for it to be any good. I'm going to guess that, upon seeing it, you regretted it, too.

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Now, the criticism of the film has been wide and varied, but we won't focus on the critics' responses here. Let's hand it over to you guys.

Did Batfleck live up to your hopes? Was Wonder Woman wonderful? Could you get your head around the dream sequences? And were all those Easter eggs satisfying or shoehorned in? I've had my say – now it's time for yours. Let us know what you thought in the comments below and, as ever NOTE THAT IT'S OPEN SEASON FOR SPOILERS. So if you've not seen the film yet, you may want to look away now...