BBC Boss Suggests More Shows Will Hit iPlayer Before Regular TV

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the BBC's pushers of the very nicest pens it has to offer has outlined her thinking on the future of the main BBC channels and iPlayer, suggesting that more TV could premiere on iPlayer before hitting TV in a fresh shake up of thinking on how to tackle the online menace.

Charlotte Moore, the BBC's Controller of TV Channels and iPlayer, told the audience at a writer's event that: "BBC iPlayer will have an increasingly important part to play in the BBC’s future. I want to grow iPlayer in the future and will explore more premieres and how we reach new audiences."

She also wants to turn BBC Two back into BBC2, saying: "I want to give BBC Two a much greater sense of identity. I want to commission programmes that challenge the status quo, inspire original thinking, and give a voice to new perspectives and opinions. It’s going to be lean-in, not lean-back television. BBC Two should be a place for talent to do their most distinctive signature work."

So that's factual stuff, specialist material and the arts for BBC Two, and mainstream as usual for BBC One. Even BBC Four got a brief mention at the end, where it was used to promote the broadcaster's "boldness and range." Which is good news for fans of weird documentaries about dad interests. [BBC via Standard]

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