BBC Bosses Deny Chris Evans Didn't Want Matt LeBlanc on New 'Top Gear'

By Gary Cutlack on at

Recent claims that the rebooted Top Gear is struggling under the captaincy of Chris Evans have been refuted by the BBC, with the corporation's acting director stepping in to say that suggestions of on-set strife are "simply not true."

The most recent claim to rock the motoring show saw claims emerge that initial executive producer Lisa Clark left the show due to clashes with Evans, who was said to be acting like a "control freak who thinks he can trample over everyone" by apparent insider sources.

The source also said that Evans was against the signing of Matt LeBlanc, with the insider saying: "It was Lisa who suggested Matt, but Evans' reply was, 'He's old hat, what do we want him for?'"

But no! Everything's OK! Mark Linsey, the current acting director of the BBC no less, has gone so far as to issue a full statement in defence of the running of its international cash cow, explaining: "It is rubbish to suggest Chris Evans's behaviour on the set of Top Gear has been in any way unprofessional. Chris is a consummate professional and a real team-player. He is a passionate presenter who commits his heart and soul into everything he does - whether his Radio 2 show, Children In Need or Top Gear - and we are extremely fortunate to have him leading the show."

Linsey also added that: "Also, it is simply not true to suggest Chris did not support the signing of Matt LeBlanc, when he has been behind Matt joining the presenting team since day one."

So there. It still all has a whiff of 'Cancelled After One Series' about it, but it ought to at least be fun watching for signs of dissent. [Telegraph]

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