BBC Hires Sensible Lady to Rein in Chris Evans' Top Gear

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is still fiddling with the controls of its new Top Gear reboot a mere couple of months ahead of its launch, with the corporation's current head of factual entertainment taking on a new editorial overseer role on the car show.

It doesn't appear to be too much of a shaming of the efforts of new kingpin Chris Evans, as he remains the programme's creative lead. Factual boss Clare Pizey is now his pen-pushing yes/no, good idea/bad idea partner, who's been handed the job of managing the "editorial content" of Top Gear.

Presumably that means she's been brought in as some sort of safety valve, someone who, for example, might say that doing wheel spins around war memorials might not go down too well with the people.

The BBC said of her role: "Clare is an experienced head of department whose credits include big must-see events such as Children in Need and Sport Relief. Clare will be responsible for the editorial content of Top Gear. She will continue to lead the factual entertainment department including overseeing Children in Need 2016."

New Top Gear's not exactly been short of trouble. Previous producers have walked out, plus the showrunners rather embarrassingly overstretched their approvals and blew quite a chunk of money having a laugh in central London. Clare's going to be wagging her index finger like mad. [Guardian]

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