British Gas' Boiler IQ System is a 24/7 Doctor for Your Home

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new kind of boiler-monitoring system has been revealed by the fossil fuel enthusiasts at British Gas, one that has a range of embedded sensors inside it to monitor its health -- and radio back to base should an engineer be needed to unclog something with a straightened out coat hanger.

The Boiler IQ system apparently has an "ex-NASA scientist" on board to advise the team, with the so-called intelligent boiler technology invented to alleviate the stress of having your heating thing not work -- and encourage people to sign up to care plans, you might cynically suggest.

British Gas' residential service MD Matthew Bateman said: "Boiler IQ is a hugely exciting innovation, helping British Gas to stand apart in the home services market, and offering unrivalled benefits to our HomeCare customers. Our number one priority is to make customers’ lives easier and more convenient. We know from two years trialling this product just how important it is for our customers to be in control and have peace of mind that their home will stay warm, safe and working."

The research ignores the fact that for many people having a broken boiler is great, as it means there are no arguments about thermostat settings and no worrying about burning away bits of the world to keep warm. [Boiler IQ]

Image credit: Boiler from Shutterstock

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