BT Bollocked Over Botched Business Broadband

By Gary Cutlack on at

Comms regulator Ofcom has issued one of its rulings, with today's decree from the speedtester of the gates of the nation saying that BT needs to do a better job of connecting businesses to its business broadband products. So that's what all those men in suits with placards were protesting about.

The digitally delivered wrist slap came via Ofcom's Business Connectivity Market Review, and covers the high-speed leased line networks -- the connections to the internet most abused by office workers doing all their Twitter during the mid-morning slump. Ofcom says the fact that most of these lines are dependent on BT's infrastructure means it has an unfair grip on the process involved, with the regulator saying: "Openreach is taking too long to install leased lines and is not providing adequate certainty that the services will be provided by the date first given to the customer."

And installation times are actually going up, as the reports adds: "Since 2011, the average time between a customer’s order and the line being ready has increased from 40 to 48 working days. Ofcom’s proposals would require BT to reduce this to 46 working days by the end of March 2017, and return it to 40 working days the following year."

Plus one in four leased line installations are not being done to the deadline given to the customer. BT is in a Bit of Trouble. [Ofcom via Guardian]

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