BT Gets Sky Broadband Ad Pulled Over Misleading Claims

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT has complained about a broadband advert put out there by deadly pipe rival Sky, with the UK's advertising watchdog agreeing with BT's speculative punt that Sky's ad was possibly a bit misleading and selective on the data used.

The latest tedious debate over speed test results is reported within the latest ASA rulings, where the complaint is explained as: "BT challenged whether the 'Fastest peak time speeds measured by Ofcom' claim was misleading, because the Ofcom report the claim was based on had not taken into account Wi-Fi performance and because the Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) data used in the report had not been 'normalised' to take into account the distance from the exchange."

In a long-winded response, the ASA eventually agreed with BT's suggestion of wrongdoing, saying: "We noted that the testing had been carried out 18 months' previously and we were concerned that some of the routers tested had, in the intervening period, been replaced by newer models. We were also concerned that Sky's router had been compared with the routers of only three of its competitors and there were two notable competitors (which had been included in the Ofcom report) that were not included in the testing."

So it was all a bit shady. Or business as usual in the broadband world. [ASA via Guardian]

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