Builders Dig up Iron Age Village in East Yorkshire

By Gary Cutlack on at

Builders in east Yorkshire had a bit of a shock when digging a hole between cups of tea -- uncovering the remains of up to 75 people along with their swords, spears and shields within newly discovered Square Barrows burial sites.

The discovery could end up being one of the most important yet dug up, sluiced off and analysed, say experts, who think the site at Pocklington may date back to around 800 BC.

They seem to be some important historical nobs too, with Paula Ware from the MAP Archaeological Practice saying: "We are hoping that these findings shed light on the ritual of Iron Age burial. And, as we can assume from the shield and sword burials, these were significant members of society. So our understanding of culture and key figures of the time could be really enhanced."

They were dug up while building executive boxes by housebuilder David Wilson Homes, whose MD appeared totally at ease with the delays this inconveniently bit of important archaeology is introducing into his schedule, and said: "At present we are still at the early analytical stages of reviewing these findings. However, we do understand that this discovery is very rare and of international importance." [BBC]

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