Church of England Ad Gives Druggie Jesus a Crown of Syringes

By Gary Cutlack on at

A short film called He Is Risen! has been assembled by the Church of England, one that it hopes might have all the kids beating its old oak doors down and demanding to do some cool new praying over easter. The Church is going down the controversy route by giving a reformed drug addict a crown of syringes to wear, probably hoping it gets banned and on the news.

Here it is. It's basically a John Lewis Christmas advert, only for praying:

It's a bit more sad than that one about the child and the telescope when you look into it, though, as the cast of this film and their histories are outlined over on Just Pray. Drugs, alcoholism, prison and self-harm are but some of the challenges faced by the people in the clip, all of whom credit religion and a local church for helping get their lives back on track in some way.

So even if it is all just pretend and Jesus was only invented as a mascot to help sell tea towels and calendars to old ladies, it is doing some good. [YouTube via Just Pray]

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