Cyando AG Brings Swiss Perfection to Cloud Storage

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Let’s play a game: we say “Switzerland” and you say the first thing that comes into your head. Ready? Let’s go!

We’d put money on most people suggesting cheese, chocolate or cuckoo clocks, and maybe Swiss Army Knives too. If you’re into watches we’re sure you thought of a legendary Swiss watch brand, and if you’re money minded you probably thought of Swiss banks. What you probably didn’t think of was cloud computing.

It turns out that the Swiss are brilliant at cloud computing, possibly because it requires as much precision as watchmaking and as much attention to security as any Swiss bank.

The big cheese - sorry - in Swiss cloud computing is Cyando AG. Cyando AG is the name behind, the file hosting service with millions of worldwide users. It’s growing quickly, and so is its reputation: individual and corporate users alike know that they can trust with their most precious data.

Based in Switzerland, the country’s strict regulations over data protection ensures your data is secured to the highest possible encryption standards. Cyando AG’s systems make sure that viruses are screened before they get anywhere near your files or computer, and backed up automatically so that you don’t even have to worry about lifting a finger yourself. Available 24/7, 365 days per year, your files are ready wherever and whenever you need them. is ready to grow with your needs too. Sure, you may begin with just uploading your holiday snaps – but what if your family want in, or your small business? can scale to support high traffic of as much as 1,000 GB per month without breaking a sweat, while you can upgrade to storage capacity of up to 1 Petabyte with ease once the need arises. is just one of bunch of top-notch systems Cyando AG offers. VPNs (those tools that let you check out movie streaming service catalogues from different global territories) from more than 50 servers and 7,000 individual IP addresses in more than 15 countries are available. If you’re looking for a Content Delivery Network, or CDN, Cynado AG has those covered too. Minimising the distance between servers and users to deliver content delivery speedily, they make media streaming over congested networks a cinch.

Your data is important. Its safety and security is important. The “cloud” may sound woolly, but Cyando AG’s is rock solid.