Disused Tube Tunnels Could Reopen Beneath Knightsbridge

By Gary Cutlack on at

Plans submitted to a London council would see some old abandoned Underground tunnels reopened for public use, with a developer asking for permission to bring a pair of old tunnels beneath Knightsbridge station back to life.

The plans have been submitted by developer Carraig Investments, which has a plan in mind to rejig much of the station and its surrounding buildings. The plans ask for permission for the "Relocation of existing London Underground entrance," a plan that would involve the "...creation of space to facilitate provision of a new step-free London Underground entrance on Hooper's Court; together with amenity space, public realm enhancements, plant, car parking" and more.

Lost of demolition in and around Brompton Road is put forward in the actual planning application, with Kensington and Chelsea council having a few more weeks of pondering time before giving a yes or no to the plan and its subterranean ambitions. [Standard]

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