Dyson Pure Cool Link Tells You How Toxic Your Home's Air Is (Then Fixes It)

By Gerald Lynch on at

Walking in the footsteps of last year's health-focussed Humidifier, Dyson is today launching the Dyson Pure Cool Link, an app-connected air purifier and fan combo that can remove 99.95 per cent of indoor allergens from the air in your home.

Essentially the same as the Japan-only Dyson Pure Cool product but with added connectivity features, the Link will rid your home of pollutants as small as 0.1 microns from the air. Pulling air in through a mixed flow impeller into a 360-degree Glass HEPA filter, ultrafine allergens are captured, before clean cool air is pushed back out through the fan.

All this is done pretty much automatically – sensors in the base of the Pure Cool Link constantly monitor air quality, adjusting air flow to hit as optimum an air cleanliness level as possible.

"But my home is a spotless shrine to cleanliness," I hear you say. "I don't need no scaremongering." You may think that the case, but the average home has no end of particles and chemicals in the air which, while harmless in isolation, can cause problems when stacked up over an extended period of time. Fumes from solvents, cleaning products and scented candles, gases released from central heating, pollen, mould, pet hair – though often invisible, each can take its toll on respiratory health over time, and given our inclination to shut all windows and doors to keep heat in, ventilation doesn't always get a chance to do the job alone.

While most of the purifier's functions work automatically, more granular control is offered by the Dyson Link app for Android and iOS. While it'll eventually act as a hub to control all manner of connected Dyson devices (including the Eye 360 robot vacuum cleaner – but also teasing a wider smart home range from the British engineers), it'll let you set schedules, timers, activate the quieter Night Mode, change air flow speed and turn on fan oscillation.

More interestingly though, the app will also keep track of air quality levels, letting you see in real time how toxic your ambient air may be (and what the Dyson Pure Cool Link is doing to clean it up). The app also taps into BreezoMeter air quality analytics data, letting you compare your indoor air quality to readings taken from an outdoor location in a city of your choice.

The Dyson Pure Cool Link comes in two different sizes, one that's floor standing and a smaller one designed to sit on a desk. Each then comes in a choice of two colour schemes (silver on white, or blue on grey), with the little one priced at £350 and the taller of the two setting you back £450. Available from today, they're being sold exclusively through Dyson.co.uk.