Easter Might Never Happen in March Again

By James O Malley on at

If you enjoy scoffing chocolate eggs surprisingly early in the year, then terrible news - as it is conceivable that Easter will never again take place in March.

Easter officially takes place on the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the Spring equinox (March 21st) - which is why the date jumps around so much. This year it all took place surprisingly early - Easter more often falls in April. But according to blogger Diamond Geezer, this might never happen again.

Thankfully, this isn't due to the moon falling from the sky or the Earth being knocked off of its rotation (in which case we'd probably have more to worry about than whether it is socially acceptable to eat two days worth of recommended calories for breakfast), but because church leaders are currently consulting on fixing the date.

The Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury and the leaders of the Coptic and Orthodox churches have recently been discussing such a change, which would see Easter anchored to an agreed point on the Gregorian Calendar - with one suggestion being the third Sunday in April.

Such an agreement would make a lot of sense, as it would be easier to figure out (no more worrying about what the moon will be doing), and it would also mean that both Eastern and Western churches celebrate Easter at the same time. It would also be good for secular reasons too, as schools and businesses would be able to make plans without Easter throwing them off every single year. It would also mean that supermarkets have a guaranteed four months in which to sell Easter Eggs.

While no agreement has yet been reached, Diamond Geezer does point out that the hope is that they will agree within the next ten years. Under the current rules, Easter is next due to be celebrated in March in 2024, when it will fall on March 31st - so if the churches really get their act together and agree before then, we could already have had our last March Easter... ever! [Via Diamond Geezer]