Eminem's Re-Releasing The Slim Shady LP On Cassette

By Gary Cutlack on at

Are you ready to party like it's [find out what year this came out in on Wikipedia]? Great. Then you'll be needing the reissued copy of Eminem's The Slim Shady LP, which has, for some reason, been put back out again on cassette tape format.

Given that cassette tape was already really quite dead when the album first arrived in [find out what year this came out in on Wikipedia], it's an odd decision. Maybe it's for old people who haven't got CD players or the right kind of hole and connection to use their phones in their cars? Maybe Sony wants to bring the WALKMAN brand back, again, seeing as vinyl's been doing so well recently? Maybe they found 200,000 copies in a warehouse somewhere?

Or maybe, given that it's being sold alongside merchandise and autographed copies, Eminem's people are taking a cue from direct sales master Prince and the crowdfunding world in finding a way to make a bit of extra cash from a relatively dormant star? After all, at $40 (£28) for a tape and a t-shirt, that's a pretty decent markup. [Eminem via What HiFi]

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